What is Linkode?

Linkode is the useful pastebin!

Really, what?

It's a kind of short living collaboration space, a dynamic pastebin.

Some awesome details:

  • You can create linkodes anywhere, whenever, and effortlessly.
  • Editable texts, not static!
  • Every new edition creates a child: you have a tree
  • Code/text type autodetection (and coloring!)
  • Permanent linkodes (but still the owner can remove them)
  • Absolutely anonymous (unless you login, which is dead simple)
  • Private URLs: because you can not guess UUIDs

How do I use it?

To start with, use it like any pastebin. Go to the main page, and paste some text (or type it directly) in the editor. Then, select the type of text you created (if it wasn't already recognized automatically) and save it.

There, you have already created your first Linkode. Grab the URL and share it with whomever you want. Other people could modify it and save their own versions, but note that they will not be overwriting your content, they will be creating new nodes in the revision tree.

This way, you can easily share your text or code with other people, and then review their changes, suggestions, improvements.


Getting help and support

The Linkode service is given as part as of the Kilink project.

To get help, you can send a mail to the mailing list, or ask in the IRC channel (#kilink on Freenode), or even open an issue in the project.

For developing, getting the source code, proposing branches, etc, you can go to the project page.

Some terms and conditions

Linkodes will be permanent, they will never expire and will always be online, so please never post any sensible information. However, if you're logged in when you create a linkode, you will be able to delete it, as you own it. All said, we don't guarantee that the information will always be live; bad things may happen and we can lose all our data, some content may disappear, or anybody's cat may get angry. Anything that happens, you're not allowed to sue us. You can still complain, however.

Please, be gentle with our web page and API. There are rate limits, and you may be denied to get a useful response after crossing them. We still haven't decided on those limits, though, we'll communicate them as soon as we make up our minds.

If you are logged in when you create a linkode, you own the pasted text, you are responsible for it, have its copyright, and explicitly are allowing us to show it to whomever knows the linkode id and to use it internally for statistics purposes and whatever. If you're not logged in at creation time, the content is public domain, but you still are responsible for it.